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Hi I'm Lauren Poppins 👋🏼 ~ astrologer, tech nerd, & business witch.

♒️☀️ My Sun is in Aquarius. I’m gifted with a love for tech tools, a genius for stellar systems & an appreciation for authenticity in business.

♍️🌖 My Moon is in Virgo. I’m nourished by organization, efficient workflow, attention to detail, well-tended numbers, ritual & growth.

♏️🌅 Scorpio was Rising when I was born. I feel most in my skin when I’m connected with my desires & manifesting with strategic witchy intention.

I support online business owners to align your direction with your unique design, intend your growth with the cosmic clock, and delegate repetitive tasks to automated systems (aka, robot familiars) so your work & finances flow easy. 

Through implementing the Aquarian Age tools of Astrology & Automation I’m excited to help you integrate, you can free yourself to focus on your genius zone to create a life & business you feel on fire to show up for!