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Know & embody your boss design!

Knowing what makes you special is the key to your authentic direction. Centering yourself in this knowing as a practice ensures you stay true to yourself with every biz move you make 🎯
Lauren Poppins

on your path as a heart-centered biz owner, have you felt...

You weren't designed to be just like anyone else!

What works for those you are inspired by is not designed to work for you.
You have a unique way of being true to yourself as you express that self through your business. Fortunately, you also came with a compass to align yourself with your most effective boss embodiment.
Your astrology chart is this compass.

this practice tool and reading is a must have if:

How do I know this works?

I've been reading charts for over a decade, including my own over and over. Knowledge is a helpful thing. It made me make sense to myself. That felt good.

It wasn't until I decided to turn that knowing into a compass that guided my every move that I was able to commit to creating Cosmic Biz Witch and getting paid to show up for a business that is EXACTLY my kind of awesome.

This practice aligns me with myself, so I can feel guidance from within to confidently build my biz! And if I feel off track, I know just how to come back to myself. It's become my Cosmic GPS.

If you’ve ever experienced an astrology reading before, you know they can be as overwhelming as they are illuminating.

As an astrologer, I know the power of this tool to blow your mind. But that’s not all this reading will do.

I don’t just want you to feel lit up for a day. I want to empower you to implement this tool as a practice so that it stays with you and guides you every step of the way.

That’s why this reading isn’t just an information dump. You get enough of that in this world of endless information.

This is the cultivation of a grounding practice that sustains your VIP position at the center of your best boss life.

With this practice, you don’t need to be an astrologer to stay connected to your Cosmic Compass!

cosmic compass components2

your cosmic compass reading includes:

How does this magic work?

The moment your awareness first opened in this body, you experienced many “firsts” that imprinted on you as an energetic “home base.”

That moment you first tuned into your environment, the luminaries and planets surrounded you, introducing themselves for the first time.

You may have felt the Sun to your side, the Moon above you, and your North Node beckoning you up and to the right.

Wherever they were, something in you remembers beginning your connection with them in those places.

That is why connecting with them now in your mind’s eye as you feel them in remembrance of where (and with what energy) they first touched you is the most powerful way to align with the unique “home base” center that activates the magic you are.

This is how you turn your knowing of your birth chart into a practice for centering yourself inside your Cosmic Compass.

And this is how you commit to moving from that center with every decision you make on your boss path of growth.

there are 5 keys to align your compass:

Together, we will connect with your cosmic keys to ground you into your center.
You will then leave your reading empowered to maintain this connection as a new normal!

What other Cosmic Bosses have said:

Entrepreneurship will bring one challenge after another. This is why it’s the ultimate vehicle for growth.

Before aligning with your Cosmic Compass, there is struggle. After aligning with your Cosmic Compass, there is struggle.

The difference: being aligned with your Cosmic Compass makes every challenge a worthy struggle.

And what follows is the success of relevant triumph instead of the pain of resistance.

What follows is the security of a lifelong path to grow along that feels like YOURS!

This one-time reading will leave you with a priceless tool that will guide you the rest of your life!

scheduling is now open for your Cosmic Compass Boss Astrology Reading 💫

Optional Extra:

During checkout, you will have the option to add a custom crafted Cosmic Compass Mala!

Together with Jennifer Goguen of Tula Rashi Designs, create the perfect mala to accompany your Cosmic Compass practice…

This special add-on includes:

Your mala will also feature a special compass stone & moon phase charm

other mala for website1
Harla mala pic_smlest
mama mala for website

During checkout, you will have the option to get just the Cosmic Compass boss astrology reading, or to add a custom mala.

Holiday Tip: If you choose the package with both, you will also have the option when scheduling with Jennifer to provide the birth info of a loved one as well if you would prefer to enjoy the reading yourself and gift the mala ~ a truly priceless gift!