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Automation add-ons + ninja tricks

Customer Hub

Simple online course portal


Robust online course portal


Designing the Mind: The Principles of Psychitecture

Use this self-mastery manual to optimize the way your mind expresses your chart

The Law of Divine Compensation

by Marianne Williamson

Align yourself with divine power of abundance as you do your work in the world

Profit First

by Mike Michalowicz

Learn how to be extremely intentional with your money flow to prep for Cosmic Currency


Apple Air Pods Pro

Make listening to your focus music and talking to your peeps seamless, comfy, and awesome

Apple Air Pods Max

Surround yourself seamlessly and in style with excellent noise cancellation

AfterShoks Bone Conduction

Leverage this extremely anti-fatiguing headset for long phone & video calls

Apple TV 4K

Integrate your TV into the Apple ecosystem to seamlessly play from your devices

SanDisk External Hard Drive

Back up all the things so Mercury Retrograde doesn’t sabotage your hard work

Apple HomePod Mini Stand

Silicon throne to give your minis the home base they deserve so they don’t roll off the table


Bliss Galaxy Light

Turn your home office space into a cosmic wonderland

Video Call Lighting

The best variable warmth & brightness lights to make your video calls & recordings shine

Magnetic Phone & Light Mounts

Slide-out magnet mounts to attach your phone / lights to your laptop / desktop work station

Dreem Fibonacci iPhone Case

The ultimate iPhone case & wallet for any version of iPhone (comes in many colors)

Mobile Snake Arm

Position your iPhone perfectly from anywhere to capture your best content

Stellar Seat Cushion

Keep that cute bum happy while you put in the time to grow your online empire

Boss Support:

Cosmic Compass Reading

Boss astrology reading to align with your 5 cosmic keys & center with them as a practice

Biz Records Tool

Spreadsheet tool to manually track your biz income & expenses for compliant tax filing

Consulting Session

One-hour session with Lauren Poppins to get your biz questions answered for future planning

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